Towards the Next Generation of Investment Promotion Agencies (Part I)

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The main goal of the course is to enable participants to develop a more focused strategy to bolster their country, region, city or territory as a favorable destination for foreign direct investment. The course covers aspects viewed as key characteristics of investment promotion agencies, namely IPAs’ function, organization, and purpose, strategic inward investment, including sustainable development, and the services which may facilitate business start-up and expansion.

The course is aimed at officials of investment promotion agencies (IPAs) at a national or subnational level, export promotion organizations, economic development agencies, diplomatic corps with a mandate to attract inward investment to their countries, people from academia, consulting companies, business associations, and related organizations that are familiar with investment attraction and promotion, economic development and commercial facilitation. In general, professionals familiarized with the topic of foreign direct investments (FDI) (required). ● A university degree and three (3) years of work experience in investment promotion, exports, or in an economic development organization (preferred). ● High intermediate level of English proficiency. ● A desktop or laptop computer with Internet connectivity to access the course. ● An email account to receive course notifications. ● An available time commitment of about five hours per module (total of 20 hours). ● A work colleague with whom you can consult with each week for feedback on course activities.
This course is free of charge and financed by the IDB.
5 Hours per week
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MÓDULO 1. FDI and the IPA: Definition, Function, Strategy, Development, and Organizational Service
MÓDULO 2. Sustainable Investment
MÓDULO 3. Strategic Inward Investment Attraction
MÓDULO 4. IPA Service Catalogue

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