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This course summarizes the main theoretical and practical research surrounding evidence-based education policies and delves into the key improvements and challenges observed in education systems in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The course has been organized around five key features of successful education systems:

• High goals for student achievement that guide all activities within an education system;
• Access to high-quality early childhood and preschool development programs that prepare students entering the school system;
• Effective teachers to improve learning and reduce achievement gaps among students;
• Access and effective use of adequate resources in all schools to promote student learning; and
• Ensuring that all young people acquire the skills necessary to reach their full potential in the professional world and contribute to society.

The course’s target audience includes those with an interest in improving education through evidence-based education policies.
You will have free access to course materials such as videos, lectures, forums, additional resources, and unqualified practical exercises. To obtain the course verified certificate, you must meet three conditions: 1-Pass the course, by obtaining at least 65% of total points. 2-Pay $25 dollars, which is the minimum issuance cost for certificates established by edX 3- Perform identity verification in edX.
8 Hours per week
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Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: High goals
Module 3: Early education
Module 4: Effective teachers
Module 5: Adequate resources
Module 6: Relevant skills

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