The Macroeconomic Reality: An Introduction to Problems and Policies of Growth and Stability in Latin America

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In this course, we will study the problems and policies of growth and economic stability in Latin America. This is the first in a series of three courses on the “Latin American Reality”, which also includes a course on “The Fiscal Reality” and another on “The Social and Political Reality” of the region. Together, these three courses offer a broad view, at an introductory level, of Latin American development policies and problems.

This course is primarily directed to officials and policymakers at national and subnational level with public policy responsibilities and who are interested in the economic growth and stability of Latin American countries. Participants should have an interest in private investment restrictions, productivity, and infrastructure, use of natural resources, instability and banking crisis. Participants are not required to be associated with the Ministry of Economy or have in-depth economic knowledge.
10 Hours per week
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Module 1. Introduction
Module 2. Restrictions on private investments
Module 3. The era of productivity
Module 4. The Infrastructure of development
Module 5. The role of natural resources in international business and development
Module 6. Macroeconomic instability and crisis
Module 7. Monetary and exchange-rate policies
Module 8. Banking institutions called to the stand

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