Fiscal Reality: An Introduction to the Fiscal Problems and Policies of Latin America

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This course aims to identify problems that managers of fiscal policies often face and discuss their options to mitigate or resolve. After completing the course, participants will be able to: Understand and analyze the meaning of fiscal policy on economic and social policies Identify micro and macroeconomic constraints on fiscal policy Understand the main problem areas of public spending in Latin American countries Analyze the challenges and needs faced by most Latin American countries in tax matters

Fiscal managers responsible in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of fiscal policies. Subnational officials linked to the analysis and impact of fiscal policies. Nonprofit officials linked to the execution and monitoring of descentralization, privatization, nationalization, control spending and debt and pension systems policies. Professors, researchers and professionals working in international organizations or cooperation agencies, with responsabilities in the designing and implementation of policies for growth and economic stability.
10 Hours per week
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Module 1. Introduction
Module 2. Public Spending: Structure, stability and decision processes
Module 3. Tax Policies: Sufficiency, distribution and efficiency
Module 4. Living with debt
Module 5. Decentralization: A long process
Module 6. The future of pension systems
Module 7. Privatization and nationalization

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