Risk Management (ES)

The online instructor-led courses are offered in a personalized mode with no more than 30 students in each class. Start and finish dates are clearly marked. Besides the online tools used for interaction in the virtual environment, courses provide students with continuous support from a technical assistant, the tutor and a program coordinator, who are experts in the course topics, and are able to offer effective feedback in all course activities and promote relevant discussion.


This third course for the Program of Developmental Effectiveness aims to provide the administrators of developmental initiatives useful skills for combating the uncertainties of their environment. We will take a comprehensive look at this context and draw from it those job processes that can help management teams avoid the obstacles that threaten desired results.

At the conclusion of this course, participants will have strengthened skills that will enable them to:

Describe and analyze the concept of risk within the framework of developmental initiatives.
Adopt time-tested developmental initiatives that can adequately manage situations that threaten desired outcomes.
Identify the main concepts that project management should focus on.
Learn a set of tools and recommendations that have demonstrated their suitability for risk management in all institutional environments.

Latin American professionals from governmental and non-governmental organizations, from Latin America and the Caribbean, that bear the responsibility for the design, execution and evaluation of policies, programs and projects that are intended to contribute to social, effective, efficient, fair and sustainable development.
The full fee for this course is USD$120.00. This course is almost fully subsidized by IDB. We offer a 50% discount for an early bird payment done by July 5th. Early bird fee is USD$60.00. After July 5th, the full fee will be charged. Participants will pay the corresponding amount to register in the course (no refunds), which will allow them access to the INDES (Inter-American Institute for Social and Economic Development) virtual classroom, to its resources, to ongoing mentoring by the teachers/tutors, technical support for the virtual platform and a certificate of course completion, for those participants earning a point total of 65 or more. Each participant is responsible for his or her own costs for Internet access. It should be emphasized that this fee does not cover the entire cost for the course; IDB, through its regional technical cooperation program, covers the balance of the applicable fees.
10 Hours per week
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Module 1. Introduction to Risk
Module 2. Towards Development through Taking Risks
Module 3. Useful Practices in Risk Management
Module 4. Risk and Its Parties

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