Integral Management for Regional Economic Development (ES)

The online instructor-led courses are offered in a personalized mode with no more than 30 students in each class. Start and finish dates are clearly marked. Besides the online tools used for interaction in the virtual environment, courses provide students with continuous support from a technical assistant, the tutor and a program coordinator, who are experts in the course topics, and are able to offer effective feedback in all course activities and promote relevant discussion.


The goal of this course is to strengthen the professional abilities and capabilities of teams of subnational governments in concepts, tools and strategies. This will allow them to structure criteria geared toward the making of decisions that will support Integral Management for Regional Economic Development.

The invitation is open to teams from sub-national governments (mayor's offices, municipalities, townships, towns and provincial, departmental or regional governments). Participants must fulfill the following requirements: They must be directors or professionals with responsibilities in one of the four areas of the course: productive development, municipal finance, project management or public-private partnerships. Have completed university studies (students will not be accepted). Have at least one year of experience in the public sector or subnational level (mayor's office, municipalities, cities, towns and provincial, departmental or regional governments). Preference will be given to those applicants who belong to the same institution and/ or that belong to different areas within the same subnational government.
The full fee for this course is USD$200.00. This course is almost fully subsidized by IDB. We offer a 50% discount for an early bird payment. Early bird fee is USD$100.00. This non-refundable payment will give them the right to access the INDES Virtual Classroom and its resources, to the permanent tutorial with its teacher-tutors, to the technical support for virtual platform operations and a certificate of course completion, for those participants earning a point total of 65 or more. Note that this cost does not cover the full costs of the course; the IDB, through its Regional Technical Cooperation Program, pays the difference of the costs involved. Internet access fees are the responsibility of each participant. Candidates that are admitted to the course will receive appropriate instructions on receipt of payment.
10 Hours per week
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N°1. Regional Economic Development and Decentralization
N°2. Competitive and Productive Regional Development
N°3. Municipal Public Treasury
N°4. Managerial Skills for Managing Change
N°5. Local Government and Public-Private Partnerships
N°6. Project management

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