Biodiversity in Environmental Impact Assessments (BEIA)

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This course provides a knowledge base on accepted good practices for the effective incorporation of biodiversity into the process of Social and Environmental Impact Assessment (EISA). These good practices have been created to ensure that the biodiversity information included in EISAs provides a precise and adequate analysis of the impact on biodiversity, providing a basis for the development of effective mitigation measures to ensure that these impacts are handled in an appropriate manner.(ES)

The course is divided into five modules: (1) development and biodiversity; (2) good practices for biodiversity baseline data collection; (3) good practices for biodiversity impact assessment; (4) effective measures to mitigate Impacts on biodiversity; and (5) biodiversity and the challenge of sustainable development.

The course is available only in Spanish

The course is intended for people involved in the evaluation of Social and Environmental Impact Assessments (EISAs) and management plans for government approval, but may also be useful for those who are responsible for writing EISAs. Minimum technical requirements to be met by the participant: Office package domain (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) and Acrobat software for viewing and downloading documents. Be an advanced Internet user able to search, access videos, participate in groups and discussion forums, etc. Own and manage a personal email account to receive notifications and be informed of course developments. Complete the Navigation Activity in the Classroom. Excellent command of Spanish, both written and spoken.
Free, for qualifying applicants.
10 Hours per week
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N°1. El desarrollo y la biodiversidad
N°2. Buenas prácticas para la recopilación de datos de línea de base de biodiversidad
N°3. Buenas prácticas para la evaluación del manejo de los impactos sobre la biodiversidad
N°4. Medidas eficaces para mitigar los impactos sobre la biodiversidad
N°5. Biodiversidad y el desafío del desarrollo sostenible

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