Public-Private Partnerships in the Health Sector (ES)


The online instructor-led courses are offered in a personalized mode with no more than 30 students in each class. Start and finish dates are clearly marked. Besides the online tools used for interaction in the virtual environment, courses provide students with continuous support from a technical assistant, the tutor and a program coordinator, who are experts in the course topics, and are able to offer effective feedback in all course activities and promote relevant discussion.


his is a 5-week course that aims at strengthening the knowledge of the participants regarding Public Private Partnerships in the Health Sector, particularly, regarding design, structuration and implementation of PPPs in the sector. The course makes part of the Capacity Building Program for Managers in the Health Sector offered by the Inter-American Development Bank. This Program is composed by 4 different courses that give access to three types of individual certifications, 2 face-to-face workshops for 8 teams with the best scores in the online courses and the most interesting projects and 4 funding to be given to the best projects presented during the face-to-face workshops. In the registration link that you find in this website you can specify whether you want to participate only in this course or you want to participate in the whole Program.

This course is addressed to public employees working on projects linked to the Health Sector, either in finance institutions such as investment units, planning, APPs, or in health institutions, such as health departments, subnacional health departments, management of hospitals, etc.
4 Hours per week
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Module 1. Evaluation and Structuration of PPPs in the Health Sector.
Module 2. Health Infrastructure under a PPP.
Module 3. Services in a PPP in the Health Sector.
Módulo 4. Risk management held by the state in PPPs in the Health Sector.
Module 5. Transaction and Contract Management in PPPs in the Health Sector.

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